Privatization of Education



                                         Privatization of Education



Government student loans in Canada became semi-privatized during the 1990s. Although banks later stepped out of the picture, the privatization of government student loan services has actually increased over the years. Some feel this has led to fragmented service and higher costs.

Privatization of student loans is much more advanced in the US, where
the parent companies of Canada's service providers tend to come from.

The documents below offer views of Canada's student loan privatization trends and consequences.



Corporate Initiatives on Campus: A 2008 Snapshot

(by Erika Shaker, Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, Canadian Union of Public Employees, and Polaris Institute, 2008)

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Erika Shaker is known for her studies on Canadian higher education trends. These include the report series Missing Pieces, which is also included in Debt 101's Research Library).



Resolve-Edulinx Corporation: Student Loan Service Contractors


This sampling of background information about Resolve/Edulinx shows the major role being played in Canada's government student loan system - federally and provincially.