Government Reports on Canada's Student Loan Program



                Government Reports on Canada's Student Loan Program



Government-written reports on Canada's Student Loan Program come from three main sources: CSLP, HRSDC and - occasionally - other government departments.

HRSDC is the government department in charge of Canada's Student Loan program (CSLP).

If that's too much alphabet soup, HRSDC means Human Resources and Skills Development Canada.

HRSDC is a huge department, covering labour, pensions, training and other topics, so the CSLP is just a small part of the whole.

In theory, you can see the inner workings of Canada's student loans system just by reading a combination of HRSDC and CSLP documents.

While it really isn't that easy, the information found in the documents Debt 101 has gathered here will help you decide how effective this loan program is -- and whether the CSLP is fulfilling its mandate. That mandate is to enable access to education for all qualified Canadian students.

Government reports on the student loan program are not always regular or up-to-date. Debt 101 will try to fill some gaps by including reports from other government sources, when available. You'll be able to fill in even more gaps by checking out the Canada Student Loans Program - Actuarial Reports.



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