Analysis of Canada's Student Loan Systems



                            Analysis of Canada's Student Loan Systems


The government reports in this section of the Debt 101 Research Library will help you do your own analysis, and independent reports like these can give you a kick-start. 

If you just want a snapshot for now, these papers make a good read.


Access and Affordability (Student Debt and Support)
Key Budget Driver Forecasts 2007/08 - 2010/11

by Carl Betke and Patti Giberson, Strategic Analysis with Carole Byrne, Registrar and Student Awards (University of Alberta, 2006)



Government Student Loans, Government Debts and Bankruptcy:
A Comparative Study

by Stephanie Ben-Ishai (2005, Osgoode Hall/OSB)



Factors Affecting the Repayment of Student Loans

by Constantine Kapsalis
(2006, Culture, Tourism and the Centre for Education Statistics: StatsCan)

Since this is more of an analysis than a standard report, this StatsCan paper was placed here instead of with Other Government Reports.