Alex Usher

Alex Usher has written or co-written a number of papers on higher education financial policy.

Alex Usher, the first national director of the Canadian Alliance of Student Associations (CASA), became a Director of Research with the Canada Millennium Scholarship Foundation and is now the Canadian director of the Educational Policy Institute (EPI).

Are the Poor Needy? Are the Needy Poor?
The Distribution of Student Loans and Grants by Family Income Quartile in Canada
(2004, EPI)

Who Gets What?
The Distribution of Government Subsidies for Post-Secondary Education in Canada
(2004, EPI)

Much Ado About a Very Small Idea
Straight Talk on Income-Contingent Loans
(2005, EPI)

With Amy Cervenan:

The More Things Change... Undergraduate Student Living Standards After 40 Years of the Canada Student Loans Program (2004, EPI)

With Sean Junor:

Student Aid Time-Bomb: The Coming Crisis in Canada's Financial Aid System (2006, EPI)